The Umbrella License® for Schools

Show Movies with the Assurance of Copyright Compliance

Now more than ever schools are using the “magic of the movies” to provide quality entertainment and enhance educational programs. As you may be aware, in accordance with federal copyright law, all of the following activities require a motion picture public performance license:

  • Movies like Trolls are perfect for parent-teacher organization movie nights.
  • Screening film adaptations of favorite books like Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children during student entertainment assemblies.
  • Student groups generating revenue through movie fundraisers.
  • Before and after-school programs supplementing activities with movies.
  • Showing short educational programs like “The Magic School Bus” during rainy day recess.
  • Holiday parties featuring festive films.

The Umbrella License makes motion picture copyright compliance easy because it is facility-based; it provides schools with affordable copyright protection whether teachers, before or after school administrators, or parent-teacher organizations show movies.

Even if a school already holds a license covering most of the major Hollywood studios, it is important to be aware that multiple licenses are required to ensure broad motion picture copyright compliance and avoid the fines associated with copyright infringement.