Showing Movies

Copyrighted motion pictures and other audiovisual programs that are available for rental or purchase in any legal format, such as DVDs and other digital formats, whether streamed or downloaded, are intended for personal, private use only.

While non-profit schools do not need a license to show videos for narrowly defined “face-to-face” instruction, i.e., when the movie is shown in the classroom and is part of the curriculum, all other school showings require a public performance license. This includes holiday parties, special events, before or afterschool programs, student assemblies or rewards, parent-teacher organization events and any entertainment use on campus.

Some school officials are unaware that schools carry risk and may have vicarious or contributory liability simply by allowing unlicensed exhibitions to occur on campus. Civil penalties for unauthorized exhibitions start at $750 for each inadvertent infringement and go as high as $150,000 for each egregious violation. By comparison, an annual Umbrella License is a fraction of the cost and ensures copyright compliance for the entire school.


Affordable Pricing for K-12 Schools

Whether this is your school’s first public performance license or your school is simply seeking supplemental coverage, the Umbrella License is an affordable way to ensure copyright compliance and enhance programming options.

In the past, schools and parent-teacher organizations paid hundreds of dollars for each individual movie they wished to show. Now your entire school can be covered for unlimited indoor exhibitions before, during, and after-school for one annual low fee. Pricing is based on each school’s full-time enrollment:

Full-Time Enrollment, Per School Annual Price Per School, Per Year
Up to 150 $120
151 – 300 $150
301 – 500 $175
501 – 1,000 $225
1,000+ $285

An additional economies of scale discount is available when you license three or more schools at the district level. Please contact a MPLC Licensing Representative at (800) 462-8855 or via web to discuss group pricing.