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Top Questions

  • We show movies, TV, and other audiovisual content via DVD, Blu-Ray, download, stream, over the air broadcast, cable, or satellite TV. Do we still need a license to view or show it in public?
    The content obtained in all those ways is meant for personal, private use only and is not meant for showing in public without permission from the rights holder. An Umbrella License may be needed when MPLC’s rights holders’ content is shown in public.…
  • I already have a cable or satellite business package. Do I also need an Umbrella License?
    You do if you want a low-cost way to limit the risk of copyright infringement lawsuits from rightsholders of unlicensed programming included in these packages. That’s because your cable or satellite business package almost certainly does not protect you against such claims. As far as we are aware, n…
  • We do not charge an admission fee or cover charge. Do we still need a public performance license? 
     A license may be required regardless of whether an admission fee is charged. In fact, the Umbrella License only covers situations where admission is not charged.…
  • We are a nonprofit organization. Do we still need a public performance license?
    Yes. The U.S. Copyright Act applies equally to nonprofit and for-profit organizations.…
  • How does the MPLC Public Performance License for TV  and Movies work in practice?
    MPLC Public Performance Licenses are very affordable, easy to buy and can be in place immediately.  You pay us a simple, affordable annual fee based on the type and size of your site, location or business.  You do not need to report to us, or anyone else, which TV  or movies tha…
  • We are not open to the general public. Do we still need a public performance license?
    Yes. Any place where a substantial number of persons outside of a normal circle of a family and its social acquaintances is gathered including, but not limited to, clubs, lodges, factories, summer camps and schools, requires a public performance license to show audiovisual content to its members or …
  • Who else has an MPLC license? And do any of them also have cable/satellite business TV channel packages?
    MPLC has been in business for over 35 years and has provided licenses to tens of thousands of businesses, government entities and non-profit organizations across the US and in 33 other countries around the world. MPLC’s US licensees include well-known restaurant chains, the major hotel brands, healt…
  • We rent out our facility to other groups. Can we be liable for copyright infringement?
    Yes. You may be held contributorily or vicariously liable for the copyright infringement if you have a financial interest in the activity and/or make your facility available for a public performance.…
  • How much does the license cost?
    MPLC determines license fees based on the type of facility and intended license use. We strive to provide simple and affordable license solutions.…
  • What happens if we choose not to comply with the Copyright Act?
    Failure to comply with the Copyright Act can result in serious financial consequences, ranging from $750 to $150,000 for each illegal exhibition, plus court costs and attorney fees. These can really add up. For example, a defendant in one case was required to pay $36,000 in damages and over $160,000…
  • I need a copy of an invoice
    For a copy of your last or any other invoice you can use our Customer Support form, and we’ll send you one straight away.…
  • Where can I see a list of all of the studios, rightsholders and producers that MPLC represents?
    You can find a full list of all the rights holders and producers that we represent here on this website.…