What's Covered?

The Umbrella License provides annual copyright coverage for more than 1,000 rights holders, including children’s, independent, television, special interest, international, and Spanish language producers with only a few title exclusions. Do your schools already have a license with another vendor? You still need the Umbrella License. Multiple licenses are needed to ensure broad coverage for a variety of rights holders and protect against copyright infringement. 


Determining Rights Holder Coverage

If you wish to look up a specific title, there are different online sources, such as the Internet Movie Database website at IMDb.com. Please note that these sources are not always up to date. If using IMDb.com, search for the title you want to screen and click on your selection. On a mobile device, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “view full site.” Then, scroll down to the “company credits” section of the page. Click on “see more.” On the company credits page review the “distributors” (for movies) and “production companies” (for TV). If the distributor (for movies) or production company (for TV) is listed on the Umbrella License rights holder list, then the title is likely covered.